Ibragimov E.V., Kronik Ya.A., Kuplinova E.V.

UDC 624.139:621.643

ENVER V. IBRAGIMOV, Research Assistant,


YAKOV A. KRONIK, PhD, Professor,




Moscow State University of Civil Engineering,

26, Yaroslavskoe Road, 129337, Moscow, Russia


The need for the application of innovative methods and devices to maintain subzero temperatures in frozen soils caused a significant increase in construction of industrial and civil buildings and in oil and gas industry within the Cryolithozone. Low ambient temperatures in maintaining or enhancing the frozen soil state is the efficient way to use vapor-liquid thermosiphons or heat stabilizers. While constructing the ground floor, it is advisable to use flat sloping soil heat stabilizers. Currently, evaporators with smooth pipe walls are used in such heat stabilizers that makes Freon to flow out of the condenser in the form of a continuous film. A stream with the same cross-sectional area is then generated in evaporator. The wet zone with the most intensive heat exchange is smaller as compared to the inner area of evaporator. Therefore, it is advisable to increase the wet zone. The use of new coatings inside evaporators of heat stabilizers can solve this problem that will significantly improve heat transfer characteristics and performance of devices. The paper presents the analysis and comparison between the existing and improved designs of flat sloping heat stabilizers. It is shown that evaporators with internal capillary coating are more efficient than conventional ones.

Keywords: permafrost; soil freezing; base; foundations; temperature control; soil heat stabilizer; capillary-porous coating.


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