Guide for Authors

Vestnik of Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building

ISSN 1607-1859




Authors should submit their articles and supporting documents in electronic form. Articles submitted in Microsoft Word 97/2010 should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief Alexander N. Ovsyannikov  three months before the publication date.

The journal accepts original research papers for publication.

There are no page charges.

Formatting requirements


The article will be reviewed only in case of meeting the following requirements:

  • The article size should not exceed 10 printed pages (page format A4), including illustrations, reference list and authors’ affiliations);
  • Text format: single spacing, font: Times New Roman, font size: 11 pt., color: black. Color images and tables must be converted to grayscale mode;
  • Margin size: left – 2 sm., right – 5,9 sm., top – 3,5 sm., bottom – 5,5 sm. The space from margin to header is 2,5 sm, the space from margin to page footing is 1,5 sm.;
  • Tables, illustrations and formulae should have references;
  • Illustrations and tables should have captions, placed above tables and under the illustrations accordingly. Illustrations, tables and captions are embedded in the text. Illustrations of the following graphic formats are accepted: GIF, JPEG, PNG;
  • Use only Word 97/2010 (MS Equation 3.0) editor or MathType 6 for formulae writing;
  • Place UDC Identifier (Universal Decimal Classification) in the left upper corner in capital letters;
  • Author(s) name(s) should be placed below UDC Identifier in the left upper corner in capital letters; including scientific degree and title written in lower-case letters, and e-mail addresses of all the authors and the affiliations;
  • Title of the article should be aligned “flush left” and written in capital letters;
  • The title is followed by abstract containing the main content of the article, purpose of the research, the applied methods, principal results and major conclusions. The abstract should not be less than 100 and not more than 150 words;
  • Keywords follow the abstract (5-6 words). They should reflect the main problems of the article and research relevance;
  • Use the standard word processor formatting (MS Word) for the first line indent and paragraphs;
  • Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list in the order of appearing in the text. References are given in square brackets. It is recommended to make references to the articles published for the last 5 years in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Web references should include the author’s name, title of the article and the journal, publisher’s imprint, full URL and date of using the website; 
  • Reference list is given at the end of the article separately. Titles of the books, report collections, conference reports are written in italics;
  • Author’s information should include: full name, academic degree and academic title, affiliations, title, telephone number, e-mail address;
  • The right example of article formatting is available at in the section “Vestnik of Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building”.



Upon acceptance of an article authors receive Copyright Transfer Agreement they have to sigh. Acceptance of the agreement ensures full copyright protection and the widest possible dissemination of information.



Authors are required to suggest contacts of three potential peer-reviewers (names and e-mail addresses). They should not be from the same university as author(s) of the article and should be independent of the author or project. Note that the choice of reviewers remains at the Editor’s discretion.

Author inquiries


Authors will be informed about the receipt of the article within 1-2 days. In case of not corresponding to the requirements, the article may be sent back for improvement.

If you have any questions, please contact Anastasia Shirokikh:, Tel.: +7 (38 22) 65 25 15.

You may subscribe to “Vestnik of Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building”. Subscription fee is 1000 rubles per year. Postal code is 20424. Subscription is performed in post offices by unique catalogue “Pressa Rossii” (Russian Printed Press) of “Agentstvo podpiski i roznitsy” (The Agency of Subscription and Retail), JSC.