Students' International Awards

In 2014 TSUAB students participated in the following international architectural competitions:       


Project of site for musical festival in Norway

Authors: P. Bituk, D. Krivitskaia, A. Bavykin (Architecture Faculty, 5th year students) 

Holcim Awards

EcoParking Project

Author: Kalashnik A. (Architecture Faculty, 5th year student)

Treehouse Competition

Project of a treehouse

Authors: E. Bashkirova, A. Afanasieva (Architecture Faculty, 5th year students), A. Ovchinnikov (master student, Civil Engineering Faculty)

Innatur 3

Project "Pisanitsa of Tomsk"

Authors: L.S. Romanova, S. Malevich (Architecture Faculty, post-grad)

Innatur 3

Project "Interpretation Center of Selkup culture"

Authors: O. Litvinova, G. Monich

Innovative Minds 2014

Project "Lazy Index"

Authors: D. Krivitskaia, A. Kovaleva, D. Dymbrylova, L. Andreeva (Architecture Faculty, 5th year students)

Result: Honourable Mention!


Project of shelter for homeless

Authors: V. Zelentsova, N. Plotnikova (Architecture Faculty, 5th year students) 

Sky Pavillion

Project of Sky pavillion

Authors: E. Evlakhov, R. Artiukov (Architecture Faculty, 5th year students) 


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