Research Competences


Design and Project Planning

  • Urban planning: regions, districts, villages, territory development

  • Building and structural design: residential, public, industrial buildings, infrastructure facilities, complex overhaul projects, refurbishment, temporary buildings, reinforcement of load-bearing capacity of structures, replanning

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems engineering

  • Water supply and sanitation systems engineering

  • Engineering design of boiler houses


  • Interior design

  • Landscape design

  • Architectural decoration of building facades

Refurbishment and restoration of buildings and structures

  • Architectural exploration

  • Technical and engineering investigation of historical and cultural monuments

  • Development of project documentation on the restoration of cultural heritage objects

  • Development of projects on engineering reinforcement, conservation and protection of cultural heritage objects

  • Engineering systems and equipment design and engineering

Examination and testing

  • Testing building materials, products and structures, building inspection

  • Defining the actual material properties

  • Defining structural load capacity

  • Checking calculations of structures

  • Diagnostics of transport facilities, automobile roads and bridges

  • Technical inspection of metal, wooden, reinforced building structures

  • Diagnostics of operating water supply and sanitation systems

  • Energy inspection

  • Inspection of life support systems and heat supply network

  • Developing guidelines to recover operating systems reliability of buildings and structures

  • Assessing the quality of construction work performed

  • Thermotechnical testing of buildings

  • Heating and ventilation systems inspection

  • Technical inspection of foundations

  • Testing combusting and lubricating materials, engines and assembly units

  • Diagnostics of equipment and  road-building machines

Expert examination

  • Legal examination (technical, financial and economic)

  • Examination of projects’ cost estimation

  • Expert examination of investments projects and business-plans

  • Evaluation of economical efficiency of investments

  • Examination of tariffs, housing and public utilities services costs

  • Evaluation of damages and property disputes resolution

  • Energy efficiency assessment

  • Assessment of micro-climate parameters deviation

  • Expert examination of life support systems crash

  • Examination of technical condition of automobile engines

  • Assessment of technical, economic, and ecological efficiency of combusting and lubricating materials and hydraulic fluid modification with functional additives


  • Building structures and products (concrete products)

  • Reinforced concrete structures

  • Underground structures

  • Building frames

  • Building envelopes

  • Constituent elements

  • Structures for road construction

  • Metal structures

  • Wooden structures and products

  • PVC window and balcony blocks

  • Building materials

  • Wall and separation materials

  • Mineral cementing materials

  • Concrete grouts

  • Soft roofing and waterproof materials

  • Sealing and tamping materials

  • Thermal insulation materials

  • Finishing and surfacing materials

  • Concrete aggregates

  • Road construction materials

  • Building glass and products on its basis

  • Asbestos and cement materials

  • Paints

  • Formwork for building structures

  • Motor petrol, diesel oil, motor and hydraulic oil

Construction and assembling works

  • Ground work: works on water drawdown and surface water drainage and water disposal

  • Wells: drilling and well infrastructure development, except for oil and gas well, well casing with pipes, removal of pipes

  • Piling works and soil stabilization

  • Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete solid structures

  • Assembling pre-fabricated concrete and reinforced concret structures: aseembling foundations and structures of underground part of buildings, assembling the elements of aboveground part of buildings and structures, assembling building block modules

  • Assembling metal structures: assembling, reinforcing, desmantling of structural elements and building envelopes, reservoir structures, supporting structure, towers, vent pipes

  • Protection of building structures, pipelines and equipment

  • Arrangement of internal and external engineering systems and HVAC equipment of buildings

  • Arrangement of automobile roads and airdromes

  • Performing control management of  construction works

  • Transportation systems: automobile roads and infrastructure objects

Development of strategic planning documents

  • Strategic programs for development of construction sectors

  • Strategic development documents for housing and public utilities

  • Long-term oriented development programs for municipalities and regional administrations

Development of regulatory documents

  • Territorial norms of urban design and planning

  • Standards regulations for construction, housing and public utilities

  • Standards development for enterprises: production technologies,properties, parameters that are needed for designing transport systems

  • Specifications for manufacturing and using materials and composites on their basis

Cadastral works

  • Works on land-use system improvements: comprehensive territory analysis, optimization of build-up environment, registration and evaluation of land and property

  • Developing  projects of territory planning

  • Geodesic support of projects and cadastral works

  • Surveying projects

  • Creating supporting geodesic network

  • Creating and updating topographic engineering planning (scales 1:200-1:5000)

  • Conducting geodesic and topographic works  while construction and renovation

  • Geodesic monitoring of deformations, settling down of building foundations, ground movement and hazardous natural processes

  • Developing  projects in accordance with requirements,  Russian construction  norms and regulations

  • Developing  new territories  for individual housing related to the implementation of national projects