International Awards

The 10th Seoul International Invention Fair SIIF, Seoul, South Korea

November 28 - December 1, 2014

Gold Prize for the High-efficient plasma technology for treatment of building materials surface.

Kaohsiung International Invention Exhibition, Taiwan

December 21, 2014 

Special Award for Wall blocks and finishing materials based on gypsum contaning wastes.

The 8th International Exhibition of Inventions IEIK 2014, Kunshan, China (November 19 - 22, 2014)

November 19-22, 2014

Commemorative Award: Wall-blocks and finishing materials based on gypsum-containing wastes

Commemorative Award: High-efficient plasma technology for treatment of building material surfaces

International Exhibition of Inventions INVENTO, Prague, the Czech Republic

June 6-8, 2013 

  • Gold Medal: Fiber filter material with nanoparticles for water purification
  • Silver Medal: Peat-based wall materials
  • Silver Medal: Energy efficient facility for repair of asphalt concrete pavements using high-frequency energy
  • Bronze medal: Polymer fiber sorbent for air and water purification

Posters of inventions

International Program Golden Galaxy, NY, USA

May 1, 2013

Gold medal - Innovations for investments of the future 

"Diagnostic method of aggregates of machines on the parameters of working oil"

XX International Books Exhibition in Minsk, Belorussia

February 6-10, 2013

Diploma for the monograph “Merchant of Western Siberia at the End of the XVIIIth – XIXth Century: Social, Industrial and Mental History’s Sketches” written by V.P. Boyko

Diploma for the scientific and technical journal "Vestnik TSUAB"

XIV International Vilnius Book Fair, Lithuania

February 21-24, 2013

Diploma for the monograph Architecture of the Tomsk Gubernia’s towns and Siberian merchant (XVII-XX)” by V.P. Boyko