Research Fields

Architecture, urban planning, reconstruction and restoration of architectural heritage
• Studying the history of wooden architecture of Siberia
• Performing historical and architectural surveys
• Defining architectural monuments, creating databases of those listed as architectural heritage
• Developing restoration projects of monuments and historical buildings
• Planning and organization of recreational territories
• Architectural design and planning of residential and public buildings
Building materials and production technologies
• Advanced concrete technologies: modified concretes, porous concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete
• Construction and insulation materials based on wastes (aluminosilicate (ashes and slag) wastes)
• Finishing and wall materials (based on gypsum-containing wastes)
• Eco-materials (peat-based thermal insulation slabs, blocks, foam-peat concrete)
• Plasma treatment of building materials surfaces (for both esthetics and enhancing material properties)
• Dry building mixtures (with enhanced properties)
Theory of structural analysis and calculation of engineering structures
Ongoing research
• Studying and validating design models of wooden spatial structures of roofing under transient loads; elements and nodes being reinforced with composite materials capable of controlling the stress state of wood due to the variable stiffness of supporting elements
• Studying and validating design models of metal structures of spatial systems allowing static and dynamic loads at the reduced overall bearing capacity caused by long-term operation in severe conditions. Studying changes in technical properties of the load-bearing metal structures during operation and developing structural solutions to maintain their lifecycle
• Experimental and theoretical studies of reinforced concrete bended and compressed-bended beam structures and slabs, supported along four sides on yielding support over oblique and normal section under dynamic load as well as reinforced concrete elements under combined action of bending moments, axial and transverse forces and studying reinforced concrete elements at eccentric tension, bending and compression under static and dynamic impacts
• Modeling the behavior of wooden and reinforced concrete structures under single and repeated shock-wave loading, including beam columns, slabs and multi-layered flat structures with different physical and mechanical properties of materials and different arrangements of the members.
Research performed
• Studying behavior of glued beams made from timber under static and bending loads
• Research of spatial units (of 3-4 trusses) under static loads
• Experimental studies and calculations of columns and flat frames models under simultaneous bending force and transverse impact load
• Studying the influence of destruction of one or more columns (first floor) on strength and stability of the whole structure
• Research of spatial structures of triangular trusses under static loads at different levels of their loading
• Advanced methods of design and calculation of reinforced concrete structures under static and short-term dynamic loads
• Behavior of reinforced concrete structures under complex impacts of different nature
Building production technology, mechanization and automation of construciton process
• Developing technologies and devices for performing concrete works in cold climate conditions
• Energy efficiency in construction and housing services and utilities complex
• Studying factors influencing moisture movement in concrete
• Physical modeling of heat losses in monolithic and building structures
• Thermal resistance of building envelopes
• Heat and mass transfer
Key professors: A.I. Gnyria, V.G. Ananin
Reliability and performance of machines, devices and equipment of construction and timber complex
• Research and development of oil-products clean-up systems to increase equipment reliability
• Developing methods for improving reliability and ecological safety of vehicles
• Developing equipment set for testing fuel diesel parameters
• Developing technology controlling combustion engines upon the parameters of power oil
• Developing advanced bandsawing machines for timber processing
Key professors: E.I. Udler, V.K. Shilko, V.A. Ametov
Institutional, resource-based, regional and sectoral factors of national reproduction
• Social and economic planning and prediction of territorial development
• Studying the organizational and economic aspects of building complex managing system
• Investment management in housing complex
• Effective means of economy management and entrepreneurship at regional, state and institutional levels
• Studying issues of labor economics
Key professors: N.N. Minaev, M.V. Malakhovskaia, E.G. Matiugina
Economics and management of regional housing, investment and construction complexes
• Studying institutional aspects of real estate market
• Investment management in housing complex and real estate market
Key professors: T.Y. Ovsiannikova, I.P. Nuzhina
HVAC and water systems for buildings and districts
• Automated control of engineering systems of buildings
• Mathematical and physical modeling of heat and mass transfer, processes of cleaning up and regeneration of power fluids. Developing software packages
• Studying thermal physical properties of materials and heat-protective properties of exterior building envelopes
• Developing means and tools for diagnostics of machines hydraulic gears, enhancing the reliability of machines and mechanisms by modification of lubricating materials
• Research and development of cleaning technologies for groundwater purification for residential and industrial use
Key professors: N.A. Tsvetkov, M.I. Shiliaev, A.N. Kozlobrodov
Construction and exploitation of roads, bridges and aerodromes
• Surveying the conditions of transport infrastructure facilities
• Studying the quality of road building materials and objects of transport infrastructure
• Traffic simulation
• Application of novel materials and structures in bridge spans
Environment protection, geo-ecology, engineering geology and hydrogeology
• Geo-ecological problems of urbanized territories, development of geo-ecological models
• Evaluation of natural risks in construction
• Studying ways of engineering protection of urban territories
Key professors: V.V. Dziubo, V.E. Olkhovatenko, S.A. Karaush
Mathematical modeling of systems and processes, information and educational technologies
• Modeling and experimental study of deformation and destruction processes in materials under dynamic loads
Key professors: L.E. Popov, V.A. Starenchenko
Crystal electron and defect structure of metals and alloys
• Research in evolution of defective substructures of metal alloys, intermetallides, steel, nanostructures
• Modeling of metal electronic structure
• Studying mechanical and physical properties of metals with different structures, crystals
• Modeling of processes of plastic deformation
• Building the deformation models for pure metals, monocrystals, ordered alloys, dispersion strengthened alloys, polycrystal materials
Key professors: E.V. Kozlov, N.A. Koneva, L.A. Lisitsyna