Regional Project Institute




The Regional Project Institute was established on August 20th, 2013. It was formed on the basis of Project Bureau.

The institute performs tasks in territorial planning and developing high-quality design and planning documentation. Partnership with regional and city administration enables solutions of significant objectives in development and quality renewal of regional construction complex to be found.

 Key areas of expertise:

  • Urban planning (development of urban planning documentation);
  • Architectural design (development of project documentation for civil and industrial building construction);
  • Construction expertise and surveying;
  • Engineering surveys and cadastral works.


Large-scale projects in 2014:

Expo-center in the Special Economic Zone of Technical and Innovative Type "Tomsk"

Positive government expert review has been obtained for design documentation

The Technical and Science Museum in Tomsk

Stage: Design and engineering documentation has been developed

Total financing: 90,97 mln. rubles
Duration: 2014-2015
Financing realized in 2014: 36,3 mln. rubles


Design work for construction:

Administrative building (Trubochevo village, Tomsk Region)

Administrative building of Investigating Committee of Ministry of Internal Affairs (Tomsk)

Motel building (Tomsk Region)


Design work for:

Rehabilitation Center of Foundation named after A. Petrova (Tomsk)


Development of design specifications and estimates for:

Construction of 9 kindergartens (Tomsk region)

Repair works of Lyceum No.8 (Tomsk)

Major repair of Molchanovo School (Tomsk Region)

Repair works of school stadium in Itatka village (Tomsk Region)

Construction of 3 new kindergartens (Tomsk)



Director: Vladimir I. Korenev
Tel.: +7 (3822) 65-98-42