Research Institute of Building Materials



Facts and Figures

22 staff members
9 candidates of technical sciences
5 doctors of technical sciences
4 departments
8 laboratories


Divisions of the Institute

Division №3: Composite materials based on raw materials of Western and Eastern Siberia
Division №4: Polymer-based building materials
Division №6: Quality management of building materials
Division №7: Specific construction works and technologies
Division №8: Engineering surveying and building material deposits


Key Institute Activities

  • Design and development of manufacturing techniques and new construction materials made from local raw materials and industrial wastes;
  • Elaboration of regulatory documents on building materials and manufacturing technology;
  • Quality management of construction materials and the whole range of construction works;
  • Development of technologies of new material production for the arrangement and repair of roads in Siberian climate;
  • Controlling the road construction works; Design of buildings and structures for various purposes;
  • Development of technologies for the creation of protective and decorative coatings for reconstruction and renovation of buildings;
  • Development of production techniques of polymeric roofing and waterproofing materials with improved properties;
  • Development of production technologies of building materials of a wide range using unconventional technologies;
  • Development of technologies for the utilization of technogenic wastes used in the production of various building materials;
  • Surveying, inspection of buildings and structures, expertise.



Director: Natalia O. Kopanitsa
Tel./Fax: +7 (3822) 65-99-52