Department of Water Supply and Sewage Systems

Acting Head of Department


Contact information

Tomsk, Solyanaya sq., 2
Tel.: +7 (382-2) 65 35 21

General information

The department was founded in 1954. It deals with the education of TSUAB students in design, building, reconstruction, and maintenance of water supply and sewage systems of cities, towns, villages, suburban houses, plants, and factories.


Scientific research fields

  • Design and engineering development of individual and collective water purification equipment
  • Developmental work of low and average productivity module-type stations of ground water purification
  • Development of individual equipment for drinking water disinfection
  • Research and development of technology for purification and advanced treatment of sewage water
  • Development of non-drainage technology of purification of rinse water at water purification plants
  • Development of transportable low and average productivity module-type stations for sewage water treatment


Additional services

  • Project development in city water, housing, and utilities sector
  • Counseling services in water supply and sewerage systems utilization