Department of Construction Economics

Head of Department

NUZHINA IRINA P., PhD, Professor

Contact information

Tomsk, 79th Gvardeyskoy Divizii, 25
Tel.: +7 (3822)47 - 28 - 83

General information

The department was founded in 1962. It deals with the education of TSUAB students in economics and the management of building enterprises, as well as price setting and budgeting in construction and related subjects.


Scientific research fields

  • Investment management on the real estate market
  • Ecological and economic aspects of regional construction sector functioning
  • Labour market and employment
  • Role of natural capital in socio-economic development of society


Additional services

  • Development and expert evaluation of business plans and construction investment feasibility studies
  • Development and expert evaluation of cost estimating documents
  • Counseling of construction sphere experts
  • Ecological and economic monitoring of production processes at construction enterprises
  • Analysis and diagnostics of financial and operating activities of enterprises