Regional Project Institute

The Regional Project Institute was established on August 20th, 2013. It was formed on the basis of Project Bureau, which has existed in TSUAB for 25 years. The division has a large practical experience, qualified specialists, and the support of universities' departments. Many city objects of high importance have been designed here.

The institute performs the following tasks:

  • Territorial planning
  • Engineering of buildings and structures 
  • Inspection of buildings and structures
  • Construction management
  • Documentation development for cultural heritage buildings 
  • Engineerings Services
  • Energy inspection
  • Design

Partnership with regional and city administration enables solutions to be found for significant objectives in development and quality renewal of regional construction complex.


Director: Vladimir I. Korenev
Tel.: +7 (3822) 65-98-42 Email: rpi@​tsuab.​ru

Research Institute of Building Materials 


The Research Institute of Building Materials was established in 1988.  It is now the center of conduction of fundamental research and realization of applied scientific-research and development projects in the sphere of building materials and construction.

Main Research Activities

  • Study and creation of artificial building materials and activated minerals preparation
  • Elaboration of the new technology of building materials production and processing from the raw materials base of West Siberian and East Siberian regions
  • Design and development of manufacturing techniques and new construction materials made from industrial waste and waste from the processing of raw materials of West Siberian and East Siberian regions


Director: Natalia O. Kopanitsa
Tel./Fax: (3822) 65-99-52

Institute of Cadastre, Economy and Engineering Systems in Construction

The institute trains specialists in the field of land management and cadaster, applied geodesy, and information technologies in construction, starting from engineers of secondary vocational education to specialists with higher education.

The institute is engaged with performing works on improving the system of land use, complex territory analysis including analyzing prospective development of the city, site development optimization, registration and evaluation of land and real estate, and operations with land and estate. 

Research Areas

Developing projects of territory planning  

Geodesic support of projects

Surveying projects

Developing supporting geodesic networks

Developing and updating engineering topographic plans in the scale 1:200-1:5000

Geodesic and topographic works while construction of buildings and structures

Geodesic observations of deformations and shrinkage of buildings and structures; movement of land surface and dangerous natural processes


Director: Prof. Andrey V. Radchenko, Dr.
Tel.: (3822) 47-28-91, 47-28-93
Fax: (3822) 47-28-91 Email:

Lifelong Learning Institute

The institute was established in 1995 as a structural division of TSUAB for advanced training and retraining of specialists, as well as teaching students upon the disciplines taught at TSUAB.

The institute provides a system of furthering lifelong vocational education. Its main objective is in advanced training and professional retraining of specialists in architecture and construction.

Key Institute’s Activities
Advanced training of specialists: Training of translators; Short-term language courses (English, German, and French); Short-term Russian courses; Higher education (specialties of TSUAB); Training in occupational safety; Training specialists of refueling stations and bulk plants; Training specialists of automobile transport enterprises; Testing in the united system of certifying chief executives and specialists of construction complex


Director: Alexander M. Eliseev, cand. of
Tel.: (3822) 51-45-21

Extramural and Distance Education Institute

The institute is a structural subdivision of TSUAB, established in 2000.

Study programs

Specialty 270800 Industrial and Civil Engineering. Mechanization and Automatization of Construction

Specialty 080200 Economics and Company Management (in construction)

Specialty 190600 Operation of transport and technical machines and complexes

The goal of teachers and academics in TSUAB's branches is to provide a high quality of education and to use classic and modern teaching methods for preparing highly-qualified specialists.

In 2001 the Multimedia Applications Laboratory was established on the basis of the institute. Its main strategy is in the implementation of novel education and information technologies into educational process, developing a united computer bank of tests for every discipline. The lab provides all of the necessary technical and informational support of educational process and allows students studying in the branches of TSUAB to obtain all the necessary information via the internet.

Every student in a TSUAB branch has a special “education case”. “Case” includes a  complete number of books, detailed methodical recommendations in very discipline, an electronic guide, and testing programs for self-control.


Director: Prof. Tatiana A. Kovalevskaia, Dr.
Tel.: (3822) 65 94 64

Institute of Independent Expertise and Research

The institute trains independent experts in construction, housing and utility servicing and ecology.