Testing Center of Building Materials and Structures

Total laboratory premises: 750 sq. m. The laboratory is equipped with all of the necessary facilities for testing buildings and structures of different types under different loads.

The laboratory of experiment automation within the Lab of Building Structures Testing provides registration and experimental data processing. It is equipped with modern measuring systems: К732/1 (127 resistive strain sensors), МIC 400 (64 channels for static and dynamic testing), and МIC 300 (for measuring accelerometer data 16 channels). There are also displacement sensors, force measurement systems, accelerometers with charge amplifiers and a power supply unit.

Building materials and engineering structures testing under compression:

ПР-1000, hydraulic press 1000T (year of input 1987)
П-250 hydraulic press 250T (year of input 1985)
ПММ-250 hydraulic press 250T (year of input 1974)
МР-500 breaking hydraulic machine 50T (year of input 1986)
SZ-10-1 electromechanical universal machine 10T
Breaking machine MP-500
Three streams of powered floor

Enducing static load:

ДГ-200, hydraulic jack 200Т
ДГ-100and П150, hydraulic jacks 100Т
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ДГ-50, hydraulic jack 50Т
ДГ-10, hydraulic jack 10Т
ДГ-5, hydraulic jack 5Т

Measurement of strength of materials by non-destructive method:

Hardness meter ОМШ-1
Schmidt hammer
Kashkarov hammer

Measuring equipment:

Deflection indicator ПАО-6 (6 pcs.) and Indicator ИЧ-10, ИЧ-50 (16 pcs.) to measure relocations
Strainmeter ТР-794 to measure deformations
Microscope МПБ-2 to measure width of crack opening
Psychrometric hygrometer to measure temperature and humidity


Dynamic test bench
Bridge crane
Shearing press, drilling unit for wood and metal

Earth Bed and Road Pavement

In September 2013 the lab was opened after sufficient reconstruction. Clear and accurate results of laboratory testing are provided by modern equipment, in particular by the only testing machine beyond the Urals for asphalt concretes – IP 50-51. The lab is also equipped with standardized facilities for testing aggregates, grounds, cementing materials and composites on their basis.

The lab is intended not only to solve production issues; it is also widely used for studies and research - lots of students and post-grads work here. Recent reconstruction enables research to be carried out, testing and production work on a high level which meets the modern requirements. Moreover it broadens the perspectives for future cooperation of academic staff and industry.

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies

The Laboratory of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies is a study-research and production lab. It was established at TSUAB and supported by Evgenii V. Timonov of the scientific and production corporation “Asia-Streamer”, LLC (Kazakhstan).

Later, the lab training center “Nanotechnologies” was established. It is meant for the advanced training of chemistry and physics teachers and for teaching the senior students of the general academic schools of Tomsk in the sphere of nanophase materials science, including carrying out laboratory works using atomic force microscopes.

The main research direction is developing new functional nanomaterials, for instance a universal filter material based on polymer microfibers modified with metal oxide nanoparticles and nanocomposite heat-producing thick-film materials for electric heaters.

The lab is equipped with a study classroom. There is also a probe microscopy class (using the scanning probe microscope Nanoeducator), and production department.

Building Physics

"Cold" and "Warm" climatic chambers, 27 cub.m. and 37 cub.m. to measure sound insulation of wall partitions, windows, balcony doors, and glass units.

The structures under testing can be up to 7 sq.m. in surface. 

The facilities for defining actual thermal physical properties of exterior building envelopes of low-rise buildings are as follows:
- thermal imaging device NEC 7000;
- heat flow probes - heat meters (4 pcs.);
- automated measuring complex ТЕМП-3.3 to register heat meter data;
- pyrometer RayTak to measure temperature distribution on the internal surfaces of exterior walls;
- multifunctional measuring complex TESTO 445 to measure the relative humidity of rooms and motion speed of internal air.

Youth Center of Plasma Technologies

The cooperation center of students and young scientists in the field of development and integration of plasma technologies in construction is located here. It is founded on the laboratory of high-temperature silicate melts and the laboratory of protective-decorative coatings on building materials using low-temperature plasma.

Research teams of young scientists carry theoretical and experimental studies within the center. Experimental facilities include the unique experimental test bench to study the dynamics of theoretical plasma and thermogasdynamic complex composing test units in a wide range of velocities and temperatures.

Students Laboratories

Department Machinery and Technologies of TSUAB has several study labs:

• Carrying and Lifting Machines

• Construction Machinery

• Internal Combustion Engines

• Construction Machinery Maintenance


-Tower cranes; -Lifting shaft (hoist)

-Engines in section; -Elevator

-Brakes’ types; -Belt conveyor