Research and Education Center "Testing Building Materials and Structures"


Established in 2014, the joint Research and Education Center of TSUAB and "Tomsk Building Company," JSC is aimed at performing experiments and tests of building materials and structures under static and dynamic loads.


The total area is 720 square meters and includes the following equipment:

  • Traveling crane, load bearing capacity of 10 tons (SZ-10-1)
  • Automated hydraulic presses of load bearing capacity 200, 250 and 1000 ton-force (ПММ-250, П-250, ПР-1000)
  • Breaking machine, load bearing capacity 50 ton-force (МР-500)
  • Strong floor - four 24m-long streams
  • Pile driver for the testing of structures under short-term dynamic loads
  • Hydraulic jacks 200 ton, 100 ton, 50 ton, 10 ton, 5 ton

  • Measuring and computing complex MIC-400, serial No. 40104 to measure data of resistance strain gages, displacement sensors and force-measuring sensor. MIC-400 provides measuring through all of the channels with the frequency up to 7680 Hz, changes are recorded simultaneously in all 64 channels with the resolution of 16 binary bits (±215= ±32768 levels of measurements)
  • Measuring and computing complex MIC-300, serial No. 30025 to measure data of accelerometers. MIC-300 provides measuring through all the channels with the frequency up to 64000 Hz, changes are recorded simultaneously in all 16 channels with the resolution of 16 binary bits
  • System of experiment synchronization upon signal of the button “launch dynamic loading” provides turning on the measuring of MIC-300 and MIC-400, at the same time launches the node of releasing the testing loading (avia bomb dropper up to 1000 kg)
  • Force-measuring piezoresistive sensor, small sized, type ДСТ 4126 2000 Р-0,25 С41Р54 serial No.2 to measure force of impact on the tested structure when releasing the testing load. Calibrated at “Sibtenzopribor”, CJSC with the maximum value of the measured force under the static load up to 2000 kN
  • Brüel & Kjær piezoelectric accelerometers (type 4382)  with charger amplifier of type 2634 and power supply of type 2805 for measuring accelerations occurring in the tested structures under dynamic loads. It allows to record  instantaneous accelerations with 980g maximum in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 7000 Hz
  • A set for high-speed video recording of structures’ testing

 Heads of research groups

Prof. Oleg G. Kumpyak

dynamics of reinforced concrete, RC structures behavior under short-term dynamic loading, increasing operational reliability of buildings and structures

Prof. Vasily S. Plevkov

intensive dynamics of RC structures, investigation and reconstruction of buildings and structures

Prof. Dmitry G. Kopanitsa

behavior of structures made of materials enabling inelastic deformations under non-stationary impact load

Prof. Andrey V. Radchenko

mechanics of materials with complex physical and mechanical properties under high-energy impacts


E-mail: (Prof. Kumpyak); (Prof. Plevkov); (Prof. Kopanitsa); (Prof. Radchenko).

Please send copy to: (International Office in Research and Innovation).

Tel.: +7 (38 22) 65 25 15