Research and Education Center "Building Physics"

The Center focuses its research on energy efficiency of building envelopes, sound insulation of internal and exterior building envelopes, propagation of structural sound in buildings, air permeability of buildings and structures, heat-protective properties, and development of building envelopes for highly energy-efficient buildings.


  • Sound level meters Brüel & Kjær and “Oktava Ecophysics-110A”
  • Portable data collector for field and laboratory measurements of sound, infra-sound, general and local vibration, as well as for frequency analysis of signals coming from different primary transducers
  • OmniPower Sound Source (dodecahedron) Brüel & Kjær
  • Impact machine TM-50. Intended for impulse excitation of buildings while measuring sound insulation
  • Facility to define dynamic properties of sound-proof materials (signal generator, electrodynamic activator, accelerometers)
  • Test facility for measuring dynamic elasticity modulus of sound-proof materials

Research is held in the following directions:

- air permeability of building envelopes

- light transmission of translucent structures; natural lighting of buildings

- thermo-physical testing of building envelopes


Prof. Sergey N. Ovsyannikov

Head of research team, head of Department Architecture of Civil and Industrial Buildings

Tel.: +7 (38 22) 65 25 15


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