International Research and Education Center "Building Materials"

Research is conducted within the areas of development of effective building materials of low energy consumption and their production technologies: construction and thermal insulation materials based on mineral and organic binders and industrial wastes. 


  • Drying chambers SNOL, WS-31, WSV-100, ShS-80

    Temperature chamber

    Steam chamber

    Freezing chamber

    Climatic chamber

    Humidity chamber

    Laboratory vibrating plate

    Environmental chamber: to simulate the required cold, heat, humidity and solar radiation

    Concrete mixers


    Test machines

    Abrasive disc

    Bench to test frost resistance

    Heads of research groups

    Prof. Alexander I. Kudyakov

    diagnostics and rational use of mineral and industrial raw materials in construction

    Prof. Gennady G. Volokitin

    thermophysical and physical-chemical processes occurring while interaction of low-temperature plasma energy with building materials

    Prof. Nelli K. Skripnikova

    composite and thermal insulation materials based on non-conventional raw materials and industrial wastes, synthesis of ceramic materials

    Prof. Natalia O. Kopanitsa

    composite materials based on natural raw materials, energy-efficient technologies of building materials production

    Research Directions

    Development of compositions for modified concrete based on local raw materials

    including integrated studies of binders, coarse and fine aggregates, mix design of cement and additives, etc.

    Development of production technologies of building materials based on peat  

    studies on application of peat for production of building materials used for thermal insulation, modifying additives, aggregates, etc.

    Research of ashes and slag wastes for their use in building materials

    use of ashes in building materials production (concrete, ceramic brick and blocks, mineral fiber, dry building mixtures, glass materials, etc.) depending on the ash properties


    E-mail: (Prof. Kudyakov); (Prof. Volokitin); (Prof. Skripnikova); (Prof. Kopanitsa)

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    Tel.: +7 (38 22) 65 25 15