Research and Education Center on modernization of housing and utility complex of Siberia and Far East Regions

The center was established in 2015 with the aim of teaching and supporting professional training of qualified personnel for housing and utility complex. The center's activity in 2016 is focused on teaching courses developed for individual needs.

Laboratory facilities for the experimental study of processes taking place in engineering systems:

Hydraulics of water supply systems

Measuring pressure, consumption and temperature in water supply systems

Hydraulic systems of multistory buildings and structures

Waste water purification

Pump arrangement for water supply and water disposal systems

Ventilation systems

Gas burner

Gas pressure regulator

Working processes of a gas-distributing plant

Thermal and hydraulic performance of heating appliances

Automated heating unit

Automation of heat and gas supply and ventilation systems

Autonomous heating system

Heat pump-2

Automated boiler plant on liquid and gas fuel

Energy-saving technologies in housing and utility complex

Renewable energy sources: solar collector

Hydraulic power engineering – system turbine-generator unit

Energy audit in housing and utility complex


Andrey N. Khutornoi, PhD

Head of the Center

Tel.: +7 983 345 50 04


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