Business Incubator

The Architecture and Construction Business Incubator is a structural division of TSUAB established in 2006.  It’s a special platform aimed at assistance and support of start-up projects from an idea's elaboration to its commercialization and transfer. It is devoted to entrepreneurship education and the successful launch of companies in the sphere of architecture and construction.

The Business Incubator is used by undergraduate and postgraduate students, young researchers, teaching and academic staff of TSUAB. All gain a vast number of opportunities for successful company development and efficiency enhancement.


  • Involving students and young scientists in the process of creation, design, and implementing business ideas of innovative high technology products and technologies in the architectural and construction sector;
  • Assisting young scientists in the generation, realization and administrative management of business projects.

Conditions provided by TSUAB

  • fully equipped office space
  • administrative and consulting support
  • support in obtaining grants and subsidies for development from national and international foundations
  • participation in educational, research, and exhibition activities
  • networking opportunities
  • information support
  • standard office resources (high-speed Internet, phone, mail, fax, printers, copiers)


In order to apply for the incubator, a startup project has to meet certain criteria. These criteria should be based on an innovative business approach, and potential for commercialization and market launch.

All of the incubator residents are selected according to contest results. The contest consists of two stages: a written application (filling the registration form and providing a presentation in PowerPoint format); oral presentation of the business idea in front of a contest committee. Each project can be submitted by a single person as well as by a team.


Project supervisor: Dudkin A.A.
Launch: 2013
Project “Vermiculite” is aimed at introducing vermiculite buckling technology and manufacturing products based on this technology. The project team's mission is to spread effective technologies in order to simplify and secure people’s lives. The project includes: technology of obtaining backfilled insulant, heat-insulating flameproofing slabs, “Zonolit” sorbent and lightweight concrete; and training programs for end-users on the use of products based on buckled vermiculite. The pilot project, “Vermiculite,” was launched in Tomsk and on the Tomsk area market in March 2013. Up to the present day, the following results have been obtained: a network of 20 partners of stores of construction materials; the registration of an industrial standard for sorbent “Zonolit”; a conformation certificate (Russian National State Standard) on insulant ВВТ-150; and an accreditation at LLC “Gazprom Neft”. Development of the pilot version will result in diffusion to the nearby regions of Siberia. Expansion of the dealer system is the long-term goal of the business-model. A wide range of materials, which are of great demand for numerous users from construction companies to the oil and gas industry can be developed from Vermiculite project.
Computer Graphics school "Mirball School"
Project supervisor: Voroztsov S.V.
Launch: 2010
Being the first center in computer graphics in Tomsk, this project is aimed at training qualified specialists in computer graphics that meet the requirements of the media industry. Mirball School offers training in popular graphics programs: 3ds Max, interior modeling in 3ds Max, Graphic Design (Corel Draw + Photoshop), and Web design. Each package is developed for several levels, from beginners to advanced users. Courses are taught by specialists currently working in this sphere, which makes the education process effective and up-to-date.
Internet service "Moezhilishe.rf"
Project supervisor: Kolykhayev V.V.
Launch: 2012
The purpose of the internet service “Moezhilishe.rf” is to form a unified social information system on the federal level containing an automation system of house management and public utilities, as well as a specialized social network of multicompartment building tenants. The unified interface applied in this project provides significant improvement in the quality of housing services and offers quality and open communication with house managing companies and city administration. The project is expanding and attracting owners in the common house property management process. It is planned to launch more than 20 online services for house management problems resolution in multicompartment buildings.
Project: Animation Studio "MultGora"
Project supervisor: Petrova A.S., Tsvetkov D.N.
Launch: 2012
Project Animation Studio "MultGora" was launched to provide animation study courses and to create animated clips and cartoons out of plasticine. One of the major ongoing projects of the animation studio is brand-building "Tomsk Wooden Architecture," which aims to foster a taste for visual aesthetics and to develop citizens' interest in the history of the region of Tomsk. With interesting plots, native streets, and familiar wooden houses, the cartoons for children and adults use architectural monuments in devotion to the wooden architecture of the city. The brand-building project, "Tomsk Wooden Architecture," has historical value since it covers not only the wooden architecture of the city, but also the culture and the way people used to live in the region. The project got second place among all social projects at the youth forum "Tomsk Collider 2012" and won the festival "Tomsk Shots" for the cartoon "The Coolest!" performed in the technique "flat plasticine doll".
Non-commercial partnership "CBP “Stimol"
Project supervisor: Vershinina N.S.
Launch: 2011
Project non-commercial partnership “CPB Stimol” aims at attracting young people into the business environment and providing the necessary courses on business planning and solving the problems of the modern urban community. The main tools of the project include business trainings and activities (seminars, workshops, master classes) and consultations on business and management. Ongoing projects are: "Social and economic adaptation of young people in the business environment" and "Your future: Business" for schoolchildren and students. Such projects stimulate the development of youth initiatives and skills of social project planning.
Design bureau
Project supervisor: Pakulov M.S.
Project "Design bureau" is aimed at creation and production of a modern, original, ergonomic, high-quality notepad called Day by Day.
Energy-efficient plasma technology for obtaining mineral fibers from energy production wastes
Project supervisor: Shekhovsov V.V. 
This project is aimed at the organization of a production line of mineral fibers based on the processing of silicate-containing materials (ashes and slag wastes, shale coal wastes, wastes of molybdenum ore treatment) by means of low-temperature plasma.
Time-efficient construction of transport infrastructure objects based on pile-elevated structures
Project supervisor: Porotnikov M.P. 
The project aspires to implement a new method of fast construction for transport and field infrastructure in specific climate conditions such as: permafrost, moorland, and the cold Siberian climate. Fast construction technology enables the problem of constructing transport infrastructure in marshy areas and in areas remote from building materials suppliers to be solved.
Corporate kids' room Imagineria.
Project supervisor: Cheprova O.V.
The project is aimed at outsourcing the business of children’s day-care for large Russian companies. The project implies the design of rooms for children’s day-care of preschool age by large companies as well as provision of functioning of these children-minded groups.


Head of the Business Incubator

Ekaterina Kovaleva

Tel.: +7 (3822) 66-08-29, 8-906-957-50-07
Email: enktomsk@​gmail.​com

15/2 Partizanskaya St.,
634003 Tomsk