III International Young Researchers Conference "Youth, Science, Solutions: Ideas and Prospects"

III International Young Researchers Conference "Youth, Science, Solutions: Ideas and Prospects"

November 22-25, 2016


The photos of TSUAB international scientific events: Diffusion of Sustainable Technologies in Construction 2013, Resilience by Design 2014, International PhD-Course "Early Age Concrete" 2015. 

Key information

The International Conference will bring together Russian and international undergraduate and postgraduate students and young researcher aged under 35 doing research in the fields of the Conference and eager to share scientific outcomes with the professional community.

Among the Conference peculiarities are up-to-date format, cross-disciplinary sections, synergy of fundumental and engineering sciences, opportunity of gaining new knowledge and practical experience during workshops and some side events. The Conference progarm includes plenary session with presentation of leading researchers and hands-on specialists, sections and side events. The latter include excursions to TSUAB laboratories and research and educational centers, as well as workshops run by hands-on specialists and young researchers of Tomsk universities. 

Papers in English will be published in the AIP Conference Proceedings which is indexed by the following databases:

• The Conference Proceedings Citation Index (part of Web of Science)
• Scopus (Elsevier)
• Inspec
• Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
• Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Participation in the Conference implies oral contribution during the plenary session or a section (online or in person), as well as a poster presentation. 

Contacts: Nika Eremina, Head of International Office in Research and Innovation, +7 (382-2) 65-25-15, mnt2016@tsuab.ru.

Information Letter

Key dates

September 15th, 2016 September 30th, 2016
  • Deadline for registration of papers (title, abstract) via email (mnt2016@tsuab.ru)
  • Deadline for submission of the filled in Visa Invitation Form (below) for registration in Federal Migration Service (to mnt2016@tsuab.ru)
  • Deadline for participants  registration via email (mnt2016@tsuab.ru)
  • Deadline for publication fee payment
  • Dealine for submission of the full paper text for publishing in AIP Conference Proceedings
  • Deadline for payment of publication fee for AIP Conference Proceedings (the payment details are here)
  • Application deadline for accommodation booking 

You can find the options here

Send the following information to mnt2016@tsuab.ru:

- full names of participants

- arrival and departure dates

- chosen accommodation option 

Conference tracks

Engineering Science and Modern Construction Technologies


    • Energy Efficiency in Construction
    • Road, Bridge and Transport Infrastructure Engineering 
    • Robust Structures and Structural Systems
    • Computer Simulation of Systems
    • Transportation and Construction Machines Engineering
    • Power Generation and Distribution, Sources of Energy 
    • Construction Technology and Processes Automation 

    Architecture and Sustainable Urban Development

      • Modern Urban Development Trends
      • Theory and History of Architecture
      • Conservation and Reconstruction of Architectural Heritage
      • Modern Architectural Design, Digital and BIM Technologies
      • Urban Design and Landscape Architecture
      • Generative, Parametric and Evolutionary Architecture
      • Urban Development and Management

      Advanced Materials and Technologies in Construction

        • New Synthesis and Processing Methods
        • Materials for High-Tech Applications
        • Theoretical and Numerical Modelling of Materials
        • Structure and Properties of Nanostructured and Ultrafine Grained Materials 
        • Structure and Properties of Structural and Composite Materials
        • Phase Transformations, Structure and Properties Formation in Metals and Alloys under Energy Actions

        Keynote speakers to be announced

        Publication procedure for AIP Conference Proceedings

         Participation steps

        STEP 1

        For those planning to publish a paper in AIP Conference Proceedings

        Please note that only the papers presented at the Conference (either online or in person) will be included in the AIP Conference Proceedings

        Provide the full text of the paper in English formatted and structured according to the requirements

        till September 30th 
        STEP 2
        Registration of participation (via email)

        If you want to participate in the Conference, email us at mnt2016@tsuab.ru. Here are the forms of participation:

        • Presentation in English (online or in person) and publication of the paper in AIP Conference Proceedings (optional)
        • Listener, without presentation and publication 
        till September 30th
        STEP 3

        Registration of a paper (via email)

        Papers to be presented at the Conference shall be registered

        To do that the corresponding author shall send an email at mnt2016@tsuab.ru indicating the title and abstract of the paper. 

        The subject of the email shall be: YSS 2016_track_Smith G_paper (instead "track" please indicate one of the Conference directions: Engineering Science, Architecture, Advanced Materials)

        till September 15th  
        STEP 4

        Prepare your paper in compliance with the requirements.

        Send your paper in .doc format and the PDF scan signed by your scientific superviser to mnt2016@​tsuab.​ru 

        Name of the file: Smith G_paper_EN, email subject: YSS 2016_track_Smith G_paper (instead "track" please indicate one of the Conference directions: Engineering Science, Architecture, Advanced Materials)

        till September 30th
        STEP 5

        Pay the publication fee for AIP Conference Proceedings. The approximate amount is 90 USD.

        Please email us at mnt2016@​tsuab.​ru and we will provide the payment instructions.

        till September 30th
        STEP 6

        In case of oral presentation, prepare your online presentation (15 minutes maximum) and slides.

        Please email us at mnt2016@​tsuab.​ru and we will send you the slides template.  

        till November 22nd 
        STEP 7

        Participate in the Conference held at TSUAB, 2 Solyanaya Sq., building 2, Tomsk, Russia

        November 22nd

        Side events within the Conference

        Excursions to TSUAB Labs (November 22nd, 2016)
        • From 11:00 till 12:00, start from building 2, hallway on the 1st floor  
        • In groups of 10
        • Excursion program: the original panoramic view of Tomsk in the beginning of the 20th century, experimental labs for building materials, structures testing, road pavements, computer modeling center, building physics center and architectural studios.
        Workshops (November 25th, 2016)

        • Numerical simulation in construction (LIRA-SAPR, SCAD Office, ANSYS)
        • Modifying additives in concretes; Quality assessment of building materials 
        • Architectural modeling
        • VIC 3D analysis of structural strain 
        • Acoustics, thermal conductivity and air permeability: determination methods
        • My perfect Abstract in English! (in English)
        Scientific movies (November 22nd till 24th, 2016)
        • Most contemporary and topical scientific documentaries devoted to construction technologies, advanced 3D printing, Earth development and water resources.
        • 3 movies from November 22nd till November 24th will take place in Co-working Center (building 2, office 201), free entrance
        • The list of scientific movies will be announced soon
        Conference language

        Russian, English


          Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
          National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

          National Research Tomsk State University


        Nika Eremina

        Head of International Department in Research and Innovation

        +7 (382-2) 65 25 15








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