Past events

Past Events

March 1 - 3, 2016

6th International Research and Practice Conference "Investments, Construction, Real Estate as a Material Basis for Economy Modernization and innovation"

Topic: economics, management, urban planning, real estate

Number of participants: 283

Geography: Russia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Ukraine

The idea of the conference - to build the platform for the discussion of a wide range of questions in the field of real estate management and expertise, investments in real estate, urban development, project planning, construction, etc.
Within the Conference six online presentations of foreign speakers were organized. The following topics were discussed: house price indices and bubbles, the impact of the global financial crisis on housing markets, technopoles, coastal and collonial real estate in Mexico, urban renovation projects in Russia.
Presentations were given by 
Markus Appenzeller (Rotterdam, Netherlands) – leading architect, designer and urbanist, co-founder of MLA+; professor of architecture
Martin Hoesli (Geneva, Switzerland) – professor of Real Estate Finance at the University of Geneva (Geneva Finance Research Institute and Swiss Finance Institute)
Colin Jones (Edinburgh, UK) – professor of Estate Management, School of the Built Environment, Heriot-Watt University
Julie Tian Miao (Glasgow, UK) – Ph.D. Economic Geography/ Planning/ Urban Studies, University of Glasgow
Daniel Barrera Fernandez (León, Mexico) – professor of Architecture of University of Guanajuato
Marco Hernández-Escampa (León, Mexico) – Professor of Architecture of University of Guanajuato

November 16 -20, 2015

II International Conference for Young Researchers "Youth, Science, Technologies: New Ideas and Perspectives"

Topic: interdisciplinary

Number of participants: 350

Interdisciplinary conference covered wide range of scientific areas from architectural planning and advanced building structures to assembling of transport infrastructure facility and urban planning. It was mostly targeted for young researchers.

Within the Conference two webinars were organized - lectures of leading world architects for young researchers and students of architecture, design, urbanism and restoration. Topics covered included: work of international architectural bureaus: interaction with the clients and stakeholders; organization of work; difficulties and problems; examples of realized projects; challenges of future architecture: vision of future development of architecture. ARCHITECT of the 21st century: competencies and experience.

Webinars were given by Markus Appenzeller (Rotterdam, Netherlands) – leading architect, designer and urbanist, co-founder of MLA+; professor of architecture; and Francisco Spadoni (Sao Paulo, Brazil) – leading architect, head of  SPADONI AA; professor of architecture.

October 6 - 9, 2015

II All-Russian Scientific Conference of Young Scientists “Advanced Materials in Technology and Construction”

Topics: (1) Mechanical properties and structure of construction materials; (2) Phase transition of the metals and alloys under different energy deposition, formation of their structure and properties; (3) Modeling of plastic deformation and other processes in the materials; (4) Structure and properties of ultrafine grained- and nano-materials; (5) Physical and chemical aspects of properties formation in the materials of different purposes; (6) Properties and structure of building materials; (7) Advanced materials: students’ and purples’ point of view.

Number of participants: 250

The main objective of the conference was to connect a wide range of material scientists of different expertise, dealing with experimental and theoretical research of the structure and properties of both traditional and novel advanced materials of various applications in engineering and construction. Large attention was paid to providing the connection of generations of researchers and attracting well-prepared young scientists to the acquisition of research professions. Another crucial result of the conference was the promotion of research activities among young scientists, post-graduates, students and school children through discussions of problems and results of research. About 250 researchers took part in the conference, having presented 175 reports, both oral and poster presentations.

Leading scientists were invited to participate by giving reports at plenary sessions and showing the directions of modern materials sciences development. Issues of discussion included: mathematical modeling questions from interdislocation interaction to macroscopic deformation (Prof. V.A. Starenchenko), К-super computer and computational materials science in Japan (Prof. T. Mohri), developments of materials applied in nuclear engineering (Prof. A.N. Tuymentsev), and innovative concrete technologies (Prof. A.I. Kudyakov).

July 2 -6, 2015

TSUAB - RILEM PhD Course. Early Age Concrete:n From the Research Lab to the Construction Site

Topic: internal and external moisture curing,autogenous deformation, rheology of fresh concrete mixes, cement hydrations, construction in cold climate

Number of participants: 25 young researchers

Geography: Russia, Germany, France, Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Kazakhstan and Mongolia

From 2nd to 6th July, 2015 TSUAB hosted the first in Russia International PhD Course "Early Age Concrete: From the Research Lab to the Construction Site" together with RILEM - International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures.

Full-time course comprised frontal lectures of leading scientists, laboratory works, scientific discussions, tours on construction and industrial sites, poster presentations of the research works in the form of competition between PhD students, cultural program.

All participants of the PhD Course were awarded Certificates of the Course completion equal to 6 ECTS points and were granted free RILEM membership for 3 years, which gives them the access to the private Web directories, newsletters and reports of RILEM and number of other benefits.

May 22, 2015

Open lecture of Prof. Vasilii Plevkov: Development of systems of technical regulations in construction

Topic: historical analysis of the development of standards and norms in construction in the Russian Federation

Number of participants: 80 

Lecture  took place within the frameworks of II All-Russian Forum of Young Scientists U-NOVUS. The topic of the lectures was “Development of systems of technical regulations in construction”.

Scope of the lecture

The lecture comprised historical analysis of the development of standards and norms in construction in the Russian Federation. It depicted the legal framework of technical regulation in the field of construction in Russia, as well as the evidence base, which provides safety of the construction facilities.

The lecture coved the issues of technical regulation in construction for the countries in the former Soviet Union and the international documents on standardization in construction. Specific examples of calculation of reinforced concrete structures in accordance with the Russian and foreign norms (France Wael-91, SR 110 British, German DIN standards 1045, US standards ASI 318, Code CEB / FIP and Eurocodes) were shown.

March 10 - 14, 2015

V All-Russian Research and Practice Conference with International Participation “Investments and Real Estate as a Material Basis for Economy Modernization and Innovation”

Topic: real estate management and expertise, investments in real estate, urban development, project planning, construction

Number of participants: 213

Geography: Russia, United Kingdom, Mexico, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan

 Conference became the platform for the discussion of the wide range of questions in real estate management, urban development and project planning.

November 11 - 12, 2014 

International Workshop for Young Researchers "Resilience by Design"

Workshop was held within the frameworks of the First International Conference for Young Researchers "Youth, Science, Technologies: New Ideas and Perspectives". 

Main idea of the Workshop is bringing together young researchers in the field of structural and material resilience, discussing the most relevant issues and generating ideas for research topics and building teams for further preparation of projects for open calls.

About 50 young researchers that deal with robust, resilient, strong, ductile structures and materials from the point of engineering sciences, mathematical sciences, material sciences took part in the Workshop. Geography of the participants covered Italy (Rome and Turin), Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Tomsk.

November 11 - 14, 2014 

First International Conference for Young Researchers "Youth, Science, Technologies: New Ideas and Perspectives"

Conference took place on November 11-14 2014 in Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building, Tomsk, Russia. It brought together around 500 participants - students and young scientists. 

International Workshop for Young Researchers "Resilience by Design" took place within the frameworks of the conference. 

Conference covered wide range of subjects and the work was performed in 10 sessions. Conference resulted in publication of proceedings. 

October 15 - 17, 2014

International Scientific Conference for Young Scientists "Advanced Materials in Construction and Engineering"

International scientific conference of young scientists “Advanced Materials in Construction and Engineering” took place on October 15-17 2014 in Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building, Tomsk, Russia. 

Conference brought together scientists from different fields, those who are involved in research of structure and properties of both traditional and advanced materials for various purposes.

Conference covered following topics:

  1. Modern ways of management structure and properties of building materials
  2. Innovative technologies in building materials production
  3. Technical regulation in construction
  4. Properties, structure and phase transition of the structural metallic materials under different energy deposition
  5. Modeling of plastic flow and other processes in the materials
  6. Structure and properties of ultrafine grained- and  nano-materials

Leading scientist Prof. Kovler from Technion – Israel Institute of Technologyis - an expert in high-strength/high-performance cementitious materials performed two open lectures: “Achilles' Heel of High-Performance Concrete” and “Radioactivity of Building Materials and Industrial By-Products”.

September 29 - 30, 2014

International Workshop devoted to the 80th Anniversary of Eduard Kozlov, DSc  the Honoured Professor TSUAB, Head of Physics Department

The Workshop was aimed at integration of scientific efforts of material science researchers engaged in investigations of structural properties of both conventional and advanced materials of different purpose. 

Among the main topics of the Workshop there were:

  1. Crystalline transformations in alloys, steels, and superalloys
  2. Evolution of dislocation and dislocation-disclination substructures in metals at different types of deformation
  3. Laws of defect accumulation and deformation mechanisms in metals and alloys at different structural and large-scale levels
  4. Substructure and crystalline transformations in metals at high-energy effects

Workshop Proceedings were published by the Trans Tech Publications Ltd (TTP) in TTP periodical ‘Applied Mechanics and Materials’ indexed by Scopus, by beginning of the Workshop, which is available in full text online at TTP