7th International Research and Practice Conference


March 14-16, 2017


Materials of the All-Russian Research and Practice Conference with International Participation “Investments and Real Estate as a Material Basis for Economy Modernization and Innovation”

We are glad to invite you to participate in the 7th International Research and Practice Conference “Investments, Construction, Real Estate as a Material Basis for Economy Modernization and Innovation”, which takes place on March 14-16, 2017 at Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building, Solyanaya sq. 2, Tomsk, Russia



February 26, 2017 - articles submission deadline (conf_invest@mail.ru)
March 14-16, 2017 - conference dates


Idea of the conference

Conference will be the platform for the discussion of the wide range of questions in real estate management and expertise, investments in real estate, urban development, project planning, construction, etc.


Target audience

Scientists, specialists and young researchers working in sphere of designing, economy, management, investment projects assessment and estimation.


Keynote speakers to be announced soon

Conference topics

Section 1

Scientific and technical problems of economics, management, expertise of investments and real estate


  • investment and innovation as a basis for economics modernization
  • urbanization and modern problems of urban development
  • real estate market 
  • investment in real estate, investment management
  • pricing and finances in construction and real estate market
  • housing economy
  • energy saving
  • housing renovation
  • expertise in real estate 

Section 2

Green construction and ecological safety of buildings and structures 

  • environment and quality of life
  • housing ecology and population health
  • sustainable development of urban territories
  • green construction
  • ecological expertise of investment and real estate projects
  • green technologies in urban development
  • ecological factors of pricing on the real estate market
  • use of local raw materials in construction

Section 3

Theoretical basis of engineering and construction of energy-efficient, seismic and intellectual buildings


  • urban and territorial planning
  • theoretical problems of buildigs and structures engineering
  • energy-efficient buildings and structures
  • resource-saving engineering, construction and exploitation
  • novel materials and technologies in construction
  • underground urban development
  • urban acoustics
  • earthquake engineering
  • technical standards and regulations in construction
  • building materials quality

Section 4

Aerodynamics and heat-and-mass exchange in construction and exploitation of buildings and structures


  • theory of urban aerodynamics
  • aerodynamic processes in existing buildings
  • dynamic actions on buildings in high-rise urban environment
  • experimental study and modeling of wind loads on buildings and structures
  • theory of heat exchange in buildings
  • energy-efficient buildings

Section 5

Development of modern competencies in university graduates as a basis for economics modernization

Section 6 (for students)

Problems of investments and real estate market in the vision of young researchers

Section 7 (for pupils) 

City of today: problems and solutions



Tomsk State University
of Architecture and Building
Solyanaya sq.2, building 2
Tomsk, 634003, Russia



TSUAB provides visa support for foreign participants.
In order to get visa invitation please fill in corresponding form no later than 15th January 2017.
Form is attached in the end of the page.



Tomsk can be reached by air or by train.
The flight Moscow-Tomsk is executed by Siberia (S7) airlines (www.s7.ru), Aeroflot (www.aeroflot.ru) daily (flight schedule of additional flights is subject to change).
For some foreign guest, it may be convenient also to arrive at the international airport Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk. It has flights from all the world's major cities.
Direct trains from Moscow, Vladivistok, Novosibirsk arrive at Tomsk-I railway station.



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