6th International Research and Practice Conference


March 1-3, 2016

Materials of the 5th All-Russian Research and Practice Conference with International Participation “Investments and Real Estate as a Material Basis for Economy Modernization and Innovation”

We are glad to invite you to participate in the 6th International Research and Practice Conference “Investments, Construction, Real Estate as a Material Basis for Economy Modernization and Innovation”, which takes place on March 1-3, 2016 at Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building, Solyanaya sq. 2, Tomsk, Russia



February 8, 2016 - articles submission deadline (conf_invest@mail.ru)
March 1-3, 2016 - conference dates


Idea of the conference

Conference will be the platform for the discussion of the wide range of questions in real estate management and expertise, investments in real estate, urban development, project planning, construction, etc.


Target audience

Scientists, specialists and young researchers working in sphere of designing, economy, management, investment projects assessment and estimation.


Keynote speakers

Nina P. Umnyakova  

Candidate of Technical Science, Deputy Director for Research in Research Institute of Structural Physics of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences

March 1, 2016

Using innovative thermal insulation materials in construction.


About Nina P. Umnyakova
Nina Umnyakova's fields of research activities are as follows: heat transfer through exterior envelope components, heat protection and energy conservation, increase of heat protection of outer shells, ensuring comfortable temperature-moisture regime in premises.
Nina Umnyakova is the author of more than 70 scientific articles and such books as "How to make your house warm", "Single-family house", etc.

Ekaterina M. Sobkanyuk

General Director of "Karyerupravlenie" Group of Companies, President of "Tomskie Stroiteli" self-regulatory organization non-profit partnership.

March 1, 2016, 11:35 am

Construction industry in crisis: from survival strategy to efficiency increase strategy. 


About Ekaterina M. Sobkanyuk
Ekaterina Sobkanyuk made her career from a worker to the general director of a major building enterprise "Karyerupravlenie" Group of Companies, LLC. She has the title of Honored Builder of  the Russian Federation, also she is the president of Self-Regulatory Organization Non-Profit Partnership on Construction Quality Improvement in Tomsk city and Tomsk region.
Ekaterina Sobkanyuk is awarded with the badge of Honored Builder of Russia, with the medal of Tomsk region Governor "For Achievements", with a silver badge of Legislative Duma of Tomsk region "Coat of Arms of Tomsk Region", Certificate of Honor of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Certificate of Honor of the State Duma of Tomsk region.

Markus Appenzeller (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Professor of architecture, leading architect, designer and urbanist, co-founder of MLA+

March, 1 at 14:00 pm

Urban environment renovation in Russia: economical and organizational peculiarities of projects implementation.

About Markus Appenzeller
He received professional education in banking and law, as well as in architecture and urban planning in Konstanz and Stuttgart (Germany) and Chicago (USA). From the beginning of his career Markus Appenzeller has been involved in international large-scale architecture, urban planning and design projects. More than 15 years of his broad professional experience range from designing of leading architecture projects to huge strategic urban planning projects. In 2012, Markus founded architecture bureau MLA+. Today, it employs around 120 people and has offices in Rotterdam, London, St. Petersburg, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro.

Martin Hoesli (Geneva,Switzerland)

  • Professor of Real Estate Finance at the University of Geneva (Geneva Finance Research Institute and Swiss Finance Institute)
  • March, 1 at 15:30 pm
  • House price indices and bubbles.

    h-index Scopus: 19

About Martin Hoesli
  • Professor of Real Estate Finance at the University of Geneva (Geneva Finance Research Institute and Swiss Finance Institute)
  • Professor of Finance at the University of Aberdeen Business School (Great Britain).
  • Member of the Board of Directors of AZEK, the Swiss Training Centre for Investment Professionals, and President of the Examination Commission of the Swiss Financial Analysts Association (SFAA).
  • Fellow of the Weimer School of Advanced Studies in Real Estate and Land Economics, and of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
  • Board Member and Past President of the European Real Estate Society (ERES).  President Elect 2017, International Real Estate Society (IRES).

Martin Hoesli holds a Doctorate in business administration from the University of Geneva. He has written 6 books and more than 90 scholarly articles on real estate investments. He serves on the editorial board of several leading international real estate journals. Martin Hoesli also has extensive practical experience, most notably in real estate index construction.

Colin Jones (Edinburgh, UK)

  • Professor of Estate Management,  School of the Built Environment, Heriot-Watt University
  • March, 2 at 15:00 pm
  • An international perspective on the impact of the global financial crisis on housing markets.

    h-index Scopus: 16

About Colin Jones
Since 1998 till present Colin Jones has been working as a Professor of Real Estate Management at Heriot-Watt University. Formerly, he worked at the Universities of Manchester, Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Also, Colin is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Property Research. In the period from 1990 till 2007 Colin Jones was a member of Board of Trustees in Shelter Scotland charity organization.
Colin Jones is the author of multiple articles on commercial and industrial property markets, housing market economics and economics of housing policy, as well as of 3 books written in co-authorship.

Tatiana Y. Ovsiannikova

Doctor of Economics, professor, Head of the Department of  "Real Estate Appraisal and Management" TSUAB

March 1, at 12:00 pm

About Tatiana Y. Ovsiannikova
During the time of her work at the University, Tatiana Y. Ovsiannikova prepared 17 educational publications, including 2 training manuals, one of which is classified by the Teaching and Learning Association of Educational Institutions. For many years, she has chaired Educational Coordinating Committee with the specialization in first "Economics and Management in Construction", and then in"Real Estate Appraisal and Management".
Tatiana Y. Ovsiannikova is the author of more than 150 scientific papers, including 2 monographs, more than 60 articles on problems of housing economics, renovation theory, regional economics in both Russian and foreign editions. Tatiana's scientific research activities were supported with grants from the following organizations: Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation (1998, 2008-2009); Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (2003-2004); Administration of Tomsk region (2003, 2008-2009); World Bank (2007).

Sergei V. Svetovets

General Director of Tomsk Region Fund for Major Repairs of Apartment Buildings 

March 1, at 12:20 pm

Implementation of the regional program of major renovation of apartment buildings: initial results and problems.

Sergei V. Sidorenko

Chairman of the Committee for Geoinformation Support, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tomsk City Administration

March 1, at 12:40 pm

Information support of urban planning activities in Tomsk.

Conference topics

1. Scientific and practical problems of economics, management, investment and real estate market expertise

2. Sustainable construction and eco-safety of buildings and structures

3. Theoretical basis of design and construction of energy- and resource-efficient intelligent buildings

4. Aerodynamics and heat-mass exchange in the theory and practice of building and structure construction and exploitation 

5. Development of professional competences of the specialists as the basis for modernization and innovative development of economy

6. Problems of investment and real estate market – students’ research



Tomsk State University
of Architecture and Building
Solyanaya sq.2, building 2
Tomsk, 634005, Russia



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