URBAN.LAB.TOMSK: Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Project 



It is a project initiated by Yannis Tilmatine, the Tomsk lecturer within the Lectureship Program of the Robert Bosch Foundation in Eastern Europe and Asia, who is based at National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University in the period of 2016-2017.

URBAN.LAB.TOMSK will be launched on March 1st till the end of June 2017.

The project’s essence is an interdisciplinary approach to solution finding for the city of Tomsk. The idea is to gather participants of different disciplines and age to create ideas for a better city by using synergies that may surge through coworking.

On January 25th at 17:00 in TSUAB Co-working Center the information event will be organized to answer any question that might arise on the project and the application preparation.

Four Global urban issues and four different methods to solution finding will be brought up and then compared to the situation in Tomsk:

  1. Preservation and Use of historical buildings in order to fit contemporary demands;
  2. Urban sprawl and its prevention (Compact City idea and Reurbanization);          
  3. Re-use and adaption of large scale apartment complexes from the soviet era;
  4. The university city as a city for students.

Key competences to develop during the project:

  • learning and practicing interdisciplinary co-working;
  • optimizing realistic interdisciplinary working scenarios;
  • activating analytical capacities of the participants and challenging established approaches;
  • finding solutions through methodical and analytical work processes;
  • boosting intercultural skills and abilities.

Benefits to participate

  • learning how to work in the global way;
  • experience of working in a team of different disciplines, age groups and nationalities;
  • tools for practicing different approach to problem-solving;
  • practice of English.

Who can participate

  • At least 3rd year Bachelor or Master students in the field of Architecture and Urban Development, Civil Engineering, Economics and Urban Management;
  • Practicing specialists from the related areas;
  • University teachers from the related areas.

Mandatory requirement: knowledge of English (B2 at least).

Maximum number of team members: 15.

Project schedule

The project is scheduled for 4 months and will be implemented in 4 stages (approx. 1 month each):

  1. Training session (knowledge + techniques)
  2. Workshop session (problem solving)
  3. Concept stage (generating ideas + design thinking)
  4. Creation of a product (implementing a solution)

Start of the project: March 1st, 2017.

Meetings are organized weekly on Wednesdays starting at 17:00 and finishing at 21:00.

The language of meetings is English.

Venue: Co-working Center at TSUAB, 2 Solyanaya Sq., bldg. 2, office 201.

How to participate

All interested are to submit an application by February 1st, 2017 via email to tomsk@boschlektoren.de

The application includes:

  • Motivation letter (optimum volume is 250 words) in English explaining why you are interested in participation in the project;
  • Application form.

The results will be announced no later than on February 1st on TSUAB website and via email to the participants.



+7 (3822) 65 25 15

Natalia Kakhaeva

Co-working Center of TSUAB

2 Solyanaya Sq., building 2, office 201.