Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation awards scholarships for studying in Italy both to foreign citizens and to Italian citizens living abroad (IRE) for the Academic Year 2017-2018.


Scholarships are offered to carry out study, training and research projects in Italian Higher Education Institutes.


Requirements for applicants
  • TSUAB students may apply for the scholarships if they have the academic qualifications required for enrolling in the institution chosen;
  • Candidates may apply if aged between 18 and 36 years on the expiry date of this call for applications;
  • For those who apply for the first year of a PhD program the maximum age limit is 33 years on the expiry date of this call for applications;
  • Applicants shall have the Italian language certificate of B2 level minimum OR English language certificate according to the requirements of the chosen university and program.
Courses to study within scholarships

1. Scholarships of 6 or 9 months    

  • Second-level University courses (five-year degree/Master of Science)  - A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent first-level degree is required
  • Master’s Degree courses (First and Second Level)
  • Ph.D Course
  • Specialisation Schools (Scuole di Specializzazione) - Master's Degree or equivalent degree is required
  • Research under academic supervision (Progetti di Studio in Co-tutela) - For a research project carried out within the Italian National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - CNR), or other State universities, museums and archives.
  • Courses of Higher Education in Arts, Music and Dance (AFAM); Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria di Cremona; Scuola di Alta Formazione e Studio (SAF) of the Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro (ISCR); Scuola Nazionale di Cinema

2. Scholarships of 3 months

  • Courses of Italian language and culture - certificate showing level of knowledge and proficiency in Italian, starting from the A2 level is required
NOTE! For any course a candidate shall have the academic qualifications required by the University chosen
Scholarships start after November 1st, 2017
Application procedure

1. Register on the "Portale borse online" here;

2. After registration fill in the online application form including:

- choosing courses and university to study within scholarship;

- academic credentials;

- reference letters (max. 2)

- professional experience.

All applications must be submitted before May 10th, 2017!

Scholarship amount

Scholarship payment takes place on a quarterly basis. The average scholarship is 800 euro per month

The candidates to whom the scholarships are granted may be exempted from paying the enrolment fees and tuition fees. However, some universities may not grant such exemption. The exemption does not apply to advanced courses of Italian language and culture.

The candidates are responsible for their travel expenses.

Universities for which scholarships are available for the academic year 2017-2018 
1. Università degli studi di Bologna;
2. Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale (new agreement)
3. Università della Calabria (new agreement)
4. Politecnico di Milano
5. Commerciale Luigi Bocconi di Milano
6. Università degli Studi di Milano
7. Università per Stranieri di Perugia
8. Università degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata
9. Università Roma Tre
10. Università per Stranieri “Dante Alighieri” di Reggio Calabria
11. Università per stranieri di Siena
12. Politecnico di Torino
13. Università degli studi di Torino
14. Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia
15. Università degli Studi della Tuscia – Viterbo
Information meeting will be organized for you to ask all related questions on the scholarship and application. 
Date: April 21 st, Friday
Time: 16:00
Place: Co-working at TSUAB (building 2, office 201)


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