Call for Cooperation


Cooperation with us is easy, fruitful and beneficial; please think of the following opportunities.

Exchange programs and mobility of staff

Currently for establishing students-exchange we can offer to incoming students to study in Russian language only. Programs in English are under development. To be able to study in Russian foreign students take a course "Russian as a foreign language" for six months, for that purpose we have preparatory department, and further join Russian-speaking groups. In this case exchange will take one study year at TSUAB. All organizational issues and procedures for students-exchange are maintained by Department of International Education Programs.

We are especially interested in academic mobility for staff within Erasmus+ Programme. Please contact International Office for more information. 

Joint events

We open TSUAB for any kind of events that help specialists from different disciplines meet each other to exchange best practices, knowledge, spread new approaches and solutions, build a network for further cooperation. We can share resources and our organizational skills to host events on our base, especially in the field of civil engineering and architecture. We support conferences, workshops, seminars, scientific schools as much as we can. So, let's cooperate for joint event organization. 

If you have related events that you see important to be organized in Tomsk, let us know and we brainstorm how to make it happen.

You also can participate in the events that are planned for 2016, we will be happy to welcome you.

Joint research projects

TSUAB is interested in conducting joint research projects by international teams within the university research areas. Joint research projects are financially supported by Russian foundations within bilateral agreements with international foundations. Countries and supporting international foundations issuing open calls with Russia are given below:

Most calls are announced every year, some of them are not regular. In case of interest, please contact us for more information, and we'll search for opportunities to finance our joint research. 

Please contact us in case we may be anyhow helpful to you, TSUAB is open for cooperation in research and education!

Events at the pictures: (1) Lecture of Alain Aubert (24 MArch 2015); (2) PhD course "Early Age Concrete: from Research Lab to the Construction Site" (2-6 July 2015); (3) Workshop of Aleksandr Belostotskii (17-18 September 2015).