Tomsk - Student Capital

Tomsk is the historical city, founded in 1604. It is famous for its student population, university environment, innovative activities and wooden architecture. 

Population of Tomsk is about 570 thousands people, including about 80 thousands of students. Population of Tomsk Region is more than 1 mln people living on the territory of 297 sq. km. 

Tomsk is the youngest city in Russia by the average age of inhabitants. There are 6 state-funded universities:

The nature of the region is full of beauty, power and calmness.  

Siberian Climate

Average temperature in Siberia is +0,9 °C, 110-120 days without cold weather, 180 days snow is lying. 

WINTER in Siberia: Average temperature is -17 °C, minimum is - 40-45 °C

SUMMER in Siberia: Average temperature is +18 °C, maximum is +35 °C

Image "River wakes up", Spring in Tomsk, made by Nikita Vtorushin.