Applied Mechanics and Material Sciences

Head of Department


Contact information

Tomsk, Solyanaya sq., 2
Tel.: +7 (3822) 65-04-78

General information

The Department was founded in 1961. It deals with education of TSUAB students in theory of mechanisms and machines, machine parts and principles of design, foundations of materials science, nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, plasma chemistry, physical and chemical methods of building materials examination, methods and technology of building materials’ processing with low-temperature plasma, technological processes and equipment of building materials’ production, non-metal building materials and technologies, basics of computer graphics.


Scientific research fields

  • Research of thermo-physical and  physico-chemical processes in plasma interaction with building materials
  • Thermo-physical and thermodynamic conditions of formation and movement of liquid melt slicks under the influence of bulk forces in new devices of fibrous and powder materials obtaining
  • Research of processes for obtaining high-temperature heat-insulating materials based on technology-related raw materials
  • Research of high-temperature processes in ceramic materials’ synthesis
  • Research and obtaining of nanostructured composite materials
  • Research of interaction processes of high enthalpy flotation with disperse particles in construction materials’ production
  • Research of processes for obtaining of composite materials based on nonconventional and technology-related raw materials