Foreign Languages

Head of Department


Contact information

Tomsk, 79th Gvardeyskoy Divizii, 25
Tel.: +7 (382 -2) 76-01-05

General information

The Department was founded in 2011. It deals with education of students of all TSUAB faculties in English, German and French languages.


Scientific research fields

  • Theory and methods of vocation-related education in foreign languages
  • Communicative approach in foreign language teaching of non-linguistic educational establishments
  • Indigenous languages of Russia, Europe and America
  • Structural typology
  • Dialectology of the German language


Additional services

The department gives an opportunity to get a diploma of “Interpreter in vocation-related sphere” for graduate and undergraduate students since 1998. The education lasts for 2,5 years and finishes with interdisciplinary examination and receiving of a state-recognized certificate.