Structural Mechanics

Head of Department

LYAKHOVICH LEONID S., Member of the Academy of Architectural Sciences, PhD, Professor

Contact information

Tomsk, Solyanaya sq., 2
Tel.: +7 (382-2) 65-42-71

General information

The Department was founded in 1953. It deals with education of TSUAB students in theory of strength of materials, structural mechanics, theory of elasticity, numerical methods of structural calculation and methods of optimization of building structure design.


Scientific research fields

  • Development and improvement of structural calculation methods of building structures and their elements
  • Grounding and development of methods of construction merging and building material consumption reduction by means of analyzing static and dynamic properties of elastic systems
  • Analysis of elastic bar systems in the process of insertion and removal of external and internal ties
  • Development of design method for minimal weight constructions with unilateral constraints
  • Numerical simulation of static and quasistatic thermo-elastic-plastic strain-stress state of heterogeneous rotation solids using variation-differential method
  • Design of discontinuously full-strength heterogeneous elastic-plastic solids using limitations of geometric and strength character

Additional services

  • Design optimization of elastic systems under static and dynamic loads
  • Control of internal stress and development of optimum loading of structures diagrams
  • Optimal adjustment of natural frequency spectrum using complement elastic constraints and non-bearing masses
  • Calculation of loadbearing capacity of bridge framework
  • Strain-stress state analysis of buildings using LIRA and SCAD software packages
  • Calculation and design of antenna-mast structures
  • Recommendations and engineering solutions in strengthening of steel reinforced concrete and masonry structures
  • Defining mechanical characteristics of building materials