Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures

Head of Department

KUMPYAK OLEG G., PhD, Professor

Contact information

Tomsk, Solyanaya sq., 2
Tel.: +7 (382-2) 65-98-22

General information

The Department was founded in 1952. It deals with education of TSUAB students of Civil Engineering, Architecture Faculties in the fields of industrial and civil engineering, urban development and municipal engineering, production of building materials and structures and maintenance and reconstruction of buildings and structures.


Scientific research fields

  • Improving methods of calculation and design of reinforced concrete structures under static and dynamic short-term loading
  • Research of reinforced concrete structures behavior under multiple integrated effects of various character (force, environmental, technological)
  • Research aimed at enhancement of service reliability of standard reinforced concrete structures for residential and industrial construction


Additional services

  • Expert evaluation and diagnostic of technical condition of buildings and structures with the application of modern tools and equipment
  •  Development of recommendations, engineering solutions and project plans for strengthening and reconstruction of reinforced concrete and masonry structures
  • Experimental analysis of whether reinforced concrete and masonry structures and their elements meet the requirements of National Standard
  • Research and test of building structure materials (concrete, carcass, brick, grout)
  • Structural analysis of buildings and structures under static and dynamic loads
  • Development and research of new reinforced concrete and masonry structures