Construction Engineering Technology

Head of Department


Contact information

Tomsk, Solyanaya sq., 2
Tel.: +7 (3822) 65-51-02

General information

The Department was founded in 1955.


Scientific research fields

  • External heat-and-mass transfer during winter concreting
  • Reasons and factors of moister movement in concrete
  • Transfer of heat in shuttering of concrete structures and heat transfer resistance of contact zones
  • Transfer of heat in boundary layer and isolated air cavities
  • Physical simulation of heat wastes of monolithic constructions and building structures
  • Energy conservation in construction and maintenance of living quarters and public places
  • Thermal resistance of living quarters’ building envelopes
  • Obtaining of new building materials based on turf and technology-related raw materials of Siberian region
  • Reorganization of housing stock of initial built-up system and heat conservation in civil and public places
  • Indoor heat sources
  • Environmental aspects of building and construction


Additional services of the Department

  • Expert evaluation and diagnostic testing of initial built-up system housing stock
  • Development of technical and process design details for reorganization of housing stock
  • Development and improvement of winter concreting methods
  • Development of work performance projects and flow sheets
  • Engineering supervision of building and installation works
  • Preparation and career enhancement trainings for specialists of building industry