Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Heritage

Head of Department


Candidate of Architectural Science, Associate Professor, Member of Tomsk regional body of Russian Union of Architects, certified expert in state historical-cultural expert evaluation of buildings

Contact information

Tomsk, Solyanaya sq., 2
Tel.: +7 (382-2) 65-19-17


General information

The Department was founded in 2004. It deals with education of 4th, 5th-year students of TSUAB Architecture faculty in restoration design.


Scientific research fields

  • Historic landmarks research. Database of West Siberian architectural heritage specimens
  • Restoration and reconstruction of architectural heritage, preservation of monuments, restoration design
  • Tomsk wooden architecture
  • Expositional value of buildings in Tomsk, Tomsk region and Siberia for tourism development
  • Tendencies of education in restoration in Russia and abroad