Architectural Engineering

Head of Department


Candidate of Architectural Science, Associate Professor, Member of Russian Union of Architects, Honorable Architect of the Russian Federation.

Contact information

Tomsk, Solyanaya sq., 2
Tel.: +7 (382-2) 65-19-17


General information

The Department was founded in 1978. It deals with education of students of TSUAB Architecture faculty in architecture (Bachelor Degree) and theory and history of architecture, theory of urban and rural planning and architecture of living quarters and public places (Master Degree).


Scientific research fields

  • Development of urban territories, modern typology of urban living quarters and public places specific for Siberian region
  • Optimization of urban planning policy and planning of built-up environment


International cooperation

The department collaborates with a number of European (University of Bremen, Politecnico di Milano, Silesian University of Technology, Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco) and Asian (University of Ulsan) higher educational establishments. The head of department, Stakheyev Oleg V., is an international expert of Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco. The students of the department have opportunities to participate in international architecture competitions and conferences.