Visa support and registration

Each foreign person in the territory of the Russian Federation must have the international passport,visa, migration card and registration.


Entrance visa
To enter the Russia first time you will receive an entrance visa in the Russian Embassy/Consulate General. For this purpose you need to receive the Invitation from the University. The Entrance visa valid only 90 days (check the validity period in your visa). To receive a new multiple visa, you have to arrive in Tomsk no later than 40 days before your entrance visa expire.
Multiple visa
To receive the multiple students visa you need to contact the Department of International Education Programs 40 days before you visa expire and provide the following documents:
  1. International passport
  2. Migration card
  3. Registration
  4. 2 photos (3х4 cm) on matte paper
  5. Receipt for payment of the state duty (1600 rub)
The international student shall apply to the Department of International Education Programs during the first working day upon arrival and submit the following documents:
  1. passport,
  2. visa (pasted in passport),
  3. migration card (with the stamp of the border control of RF),
  4. 2 photos 3 х 4 cm. on mat paper
  5. copy of the ticket to Tomsk.
Then you will receive an migration registration coupon (REGISTRATION). You have to make migration registration every time when you:
  • change the place of residence,
  • come back to Tomsk after abroad trip,
  • come back to Tomsk after a trip across the Russia (if you made registration in other place).

The international student shall always carry passport, visa, migration card and registration.


I lost my passport, what should I do?

In case of loss of international passport, migration card, visa or registration the international student shall immediately inform the University authority.