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Living in Tomsk

Tomsk region is situated in the South-East of the Russian Federation, between the Urals and the Far East. The capital city – Tomsk – has a population of about 500,000 citizens. Since its foundation in 1604, Tomsk has become one of the main educational, scientific, cultural and industrial centers of Siberia.

The primary focus of the regional industry is in the following areas: oil, gas, wood processing, instrument and machine building, metal processing, power engineering, electrical engineering, and food processing.

The wooden houses are a source of pride for people of Tomsk. The windows and facades are bordered with elaborately carved wooden “laces”. Many of them have become symbols of the city and wooden architecture in general.

The residential neighborhoods are full of places of interest, and the downtown is great for shopping and eating out. Tomsk is also a city of student culture and is a home of a variety of theatres, clubs and social hubs. Today, Tomsk is a vibrant and growing city, looking into the future with great anticipation.