There are following Master Degree programs in Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building.

The language of instruction is Russian only.

Degree Specialization
Applied mathematics and information technologies Automated systems of information activities of an enterprise support
Physics Physics

Theory and history of architecture

Architecture of residential and public buildings

Theory of urban and rural planning

Restoration and reconstruction of architectural heritage Architectural restoration and reconstruction
Design of architectural environment Design of architectural environment
Civil engineering

Development of construction design and calculation methods of metal and wooden structures of buildings

Reinforced concrete structures of buildings under dynamic loads design

Reconstruction of buildings and structures

Comprehensive experimental research of aerodynamics and heat transfer parameters of buildings and structures

Theory and methods of concrete works in winter conditions

Technology of building materials and constructions

Entrepreneurship and management in construction industry

Foundations of buildings in complex geological engineering conditions

Management of investment projects and land-property complexes

Design, construction and maintenance of automobile roads

Water supply of cities and industrial enterprises

Heat supply of residential and public buildings

Systems of building micro-climate provision

Theory of building internal climate and building envelopes

Low-rise wooden architecture

Industrial safety of construction systems

Comprehensive mechanisation of construction process

Artificial transport structures, their construction and maintenance

Plasma technologies in construction

Production machines and equipment Production machines and equipment
Industrial safety Industrial safety
Oil and Gas Engineering Mechanization of construction process and development of oil and gas complex infrastructure
Land utilization and cadaster

Land utilization and cadaster

Logistics (Technology of transport processes)

Logistics (Technology of transport processes)

Ground transport service Ground transport services
Maintenance of production machines and systems in construction Maintenance of production machines and systems in construction
Technology of log-processing and woodworking production Technology of log-processing and woodworking production
Management Project management
Human-resource management Human resource management
State and municipal management

Urban territory development management

Regional development management

Business-related information technology Business-related information technology