There are following Bachelor Degree programs in Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building.

Language of instruction is Russian only.

Degree Specialization


Restoration and reconstruction of architectural heritage Restoration and reconstruction of architectural heritage
Design of architectural environment

Design of architectural environment

Civil engineering

Plasma technologies in construction materials and building units’ production

Industrial and civil engineering 

Urban construction and municipal engineering 

Production of building materials and structures 

Heat and gas supply and ventilation 

Water supply and water disposal 

Mechanization and automation of construction process 

Expert evaluation and property management 

Automobile roads

Automobile roads’ bridges and tunnels 

Housing and utility complex 

Budgeting in construction 

Urban construction Urban construction
Applied information technologies

Applied information technologies in architecture 

Applied geographic information technologies 

Production machines and equipment Machines and equipment of forestry industry
Industrial safety

Technological processes and production safety 

Industrial protection of environment 

Oil and Gas Engineering Maintenance of transport services and storage facilities of oil, gas and petroleum refinery products
Land utilization and cadaster

Urban cadastre

Property cadastre

Geodetic support of land utilization and cadastre

Ground transport service Handling building ground transport and equipment
Maintenance of production machines and systems in construction

Machine and vehicle fleet 

Maintenance service of product machines and equipment

Technology of art processing of materials

Technology of art processing of materials

Technology of log-processing and woodworking production Technology of wood processing

Business accounting, analysis and audit

Price setting and budgeting in construction


Economics and management of building enterprises

Economics and management of municipal service

Logistics in real sector of economics

Organization and management of oil and gas enterprises

Customer services

Real estate customer services