In the summer (from June till September) an average temperature is about + 15 ° + 20 ° C, although + 30 ° + 35 ° C in the middle of summer is not an unusual thing for Tomsk.

 In winter (from November till March) the average temperature is about - 15 ° C. In the middle of winter temperatures can be even -30 ° C. Climate in Siberia is quite severe; winters here are rather cold and lengthy.

That is why it is very important to have warm clothes for this period of time not to catch cold.

 Siberians often say: "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing."

Remember that fact when yoy decide to study Tomsk.  In order to preserve your health you must wear warm clothes. A warm hat, a scarf, mittens, warm jacket, warm trousers, socks and winter foot-wear are necessary to live in Tomsk.

Someone does not like wearing heavy winter clothes, but you should do it in order to conserve your health.