Important information

There are a number of important points you should pay attention to make your visiting of Tomsk more comfortable and safety:

1. Is it expensive to live in Tomsk?

Not actually. If you live in the dormitory, you do not have to pay a lot of money to rent a toom or a flat. Because living in TSUAb dormitories is quite cheap. But if you want to rent a flat, rememeber that it can be expensive, due to the fact that there are a lot of students in Tomsk and the rent price is quite high.Now it is about 10-15 000 roubles (about $190- 283).

2. How much public transport using costs?

There two types of public transport in Tomsk. These are buses and trolleybuses. The cost of bus travel is 17 roubles.Trolleybus cost is 15 roubles. 

Besides, you may use taxi. But to order it you need to know the telephone number of the firm which render a taxi service. 

3. Is it expensive to go to shop in Tomsk?

It depends on the shop. If you need to buy some clothes, there are a lot of shops where you can find it. Here in Tomsk you may find shops with such brands as "Zolla", "Benetton", "Adidas" etc., in such shops  clothes may be expensive. But there are also a lot of local shops and the price there is normal. 

As for food products, they are not very expensive.But it is better to buy them in supermarkets and malls. The price there is not very high and the quaiyu of food is quite good. Moreover, it is more comfortable for foreign students who do not know yet Russian language. 

4. Is it safety to live in Tomsk?

To live in Tomsk is quite safety. But still it is better not to go out late at night alone.

5. Mobile phone

Usually foreign students come in Tomsk having telephone number of their local mobile operator. In Russia it is usually very expensive to use mobile phone with non Russian mobile operator. That is why coming in Tomsk it is better to buy a sim-card of local mobile operators like "MTS", "Tele 2", " Beeline" and use it. 

NB! To buy a local sim-card you need to have your passport and registration card with you.

6. Medicine

When foreign student come in Tomsk it is an obligatory thing to make a medical insurance. It covers almost all general medical issues a student may have including dentist. But if have to take some special medicinal drug, to buy which one you need a prescription from doctor, it is better to have it with you in advance. Otherwise it can be difficult to buy them in Tomsk. Brsides, climate change can affect on your health at the first time. So it is better to have your habitual medecine drugs to help you.

7. Currency exchange/Banks/money

First of all, coming in Tomsk be sure that local banks work with your bank. Otherwise you will not be able to draw money out of the bank. Besides,if the currency of your country is not dollars and euros it is better to exchange it on dollars in euros before you come in Tomsk. The best and more comfortable variant for foreign students is to exchange their local currency on dollars or euros before they come in Russia, and then coming in Russia to exchange dollars or euros on roubles.