Welcome to Tomsk

Tomsk is located almost in the geographical centre of Russia. It was founded 400 years ago on the picturesque bank of the River Tom.

Tomsk is a prominent academic and scientific centre. After Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, it is the third scientific and educational center in Russia. There are 6 universities, 20 higher research institutes and many specialized colleges and schools training specialists in engineering, medicine, education, art, etc. About 85 thousand students live and study in Tomsk. Currently, each sixth person of the city is a student. Tomsk is often called a students' town. The number of Doctors of Science is the greatest throughout Russia.

Tomsk Scientific Center of Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences is located here. It consists of 5 academic institutes and a series of subdivisions.

The primary focus of the regional industry is in the following areas: oil, gas, wood processing, instrument and machine building, metal processing, power engineering, electrical engineering, and food processing.

Tomsk is a cultural centre. There are many theatres, Philharmonic Society, art and museums of local lore, cinemas, libraries and historical places. Tomsk is remarkable for its wooden architecture. Tomsk carefully keeps houses and buildings of 19th century in the «Old Town». The wooden houses are a source of pride for people of Tomsk. The windows and facades are bordered with elaborately carved wooden “laces”. Many of them have become symbols of the city and wooden architecture in general.Acknowledged as historical sites, they are preserved by the State.

At the same time, Tomsk is a modern and dynamically developing city with high apartment houses and original modern constructions.

Tomsk is a city of young people. There are many places to have a rest after classes. Numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and bistros are open for you and offer a variety of meals from Russian and international cuisines.

You are welcome to our ancient and ever young city!