Financial information

                                                             Coming at TSUAB students should remember that there are some obligatory duties and fees they must pay, such as:

  1. Admission fee

It is s standard fee for all incoming foreign citizens and is equal to $55. The fee is not refunded and is paid by TSUAB international bank account money transfer

  2.  Medical insuarance

All incoming students conclude a year-long agreement with an insurance company here in Tomsk. The cost of a year-long Medical Insurance is 3000 roubles (about $47). It covers almost all general medical issues a student may have including dentist.

  3.  Payment for mediacl certificate (from the local hospital)

To settle in the dormitory studnts need to have the medical sertificate that confirms that a student doesn't have such diseases as itch and pediculation. As a rule such sertificate costs 170 roubles (about $4).

  4. Dormitory fees

To settle in the dormitory student must pay for it. Usual cost in 520 roubles (about $10) per month. 

 NB! Coming in Tomsk the first day foreign student can not be setteled in the dormitory. It is an obligatory thing for reasons of safety.That is whay the first day the student should rent a hostel. Usually rent a room in the hostel for day costs 600-1000 roubles (about $11-20). Student shoul pay it by himself. University do not cover this payment.

  5.  Visa

Coming in Tomsk student has only a transit visa for a period of 90 days. To continue learning it is necessary to him to make a multiple visa for one year period. It costs 1600 roubles (about $ 30).

  6.  Visa deposit

It is an obligatory thing for foreign student to pay a deposit for transit visa, just in case something will go wrong during the study period. If there was no use to make such type of visa after study period the deposit will be returned to the student. The deposit is 1000 roubles (about $ 20).


NB! The course of dollar is changing frequently,that is whay the cost in dollars may be different from above mentioned in the day of payment. But the cost in roubles is fixed.